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Angels destroyed Rockies with historic win

What impossible did Angels done to secure this massive winning over Rockies and what did not work for Rockies this time. Know more
Angels score a humongous 25 runs to become the first and only team to do this in modern times .
Brenton Doyle is the only scorer from the Rockies by scoring 1 run in 8th innings of Kolton Ingram .
Angels changed their lineup by including David fletcher and Eduardo Escobar which become key player for their success .

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Here a highlight from the match
Angels vs Rockies
The last time Angels had scored 13 runs in Frame twice was back in May 12, 1997 against Chicago White Sox .
Angels Manager Phil Nevin said “We were aggressive, we attacked pitches in the zone and hitting gets contagious sometimes
Mickey Moniak and Hunter Renfroe, both went 5-for-5. Mickey Moniak scored a three double and a homer .
Moniak smiled as he admitted, "I became a bit too enthusiastic. I'm unsure whether I stumbled over the bag or my cleats, but regardless, it's the way it happened.
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