18 Movies added on Netflix in July, 2023

Netflix is increasing its content with every passing days. Recently it has captured rights of many movies from the past which were big hits. Netflix is also taking movies from various part of the world in order to provide everyone with something to taste. So this is a great news for all movie lovers as this platform is getting bigger and bigger and connecting the whole world. It is becoming more streaming platform in many countries and increasing its viewership. So we are presenting you with 18 movies that Netflix has released that you should watch if have not watched yet. We will disscus movies from every genre to make something available for all of us. So here is list of the Movies,


Titanic , 1997, Netflix

Actual release date : December 19, 1997

Directed By : James Cameron

Cast : Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Billy Zane

Genre : Drama , Romance

Plot : The movie is based on real life biggest tragedy of one of the biggest ship of its time called ‘ Titanic ‘ , which got sank in ocean by hitting an iceberg. It has over 1500 passanger and called ‘Ship of dreams ‘ . The movie show love and drama between two young boy and girl and it’s tragic ending. This is tear jerking, emotionally engaging movies and has won multiple Oscar. Do not mis it only on Netflix.


Jumanji, 1995

Actual Release Date : December 15, 1995

Directed By : Joe Johnston

Cast : Robin Williams, Kirsten Dunst, Bonnie Hunt, Bradley Pierce

Genre : Fantasy, Adventure

Plot : The movie show a magical game called ‘Jumanji’ . Two siblings Judy and Peter found this board game in an old building. They start playing it without being aware of its magical side. They found that it has magical power when mystical things starts to happen like big mosquito coming, rihno coming, monkey, crocodiles, hunter , earthquake, heavy rains, etc. This is a perfect movies for children and young teenager. This is very fun movie. Watch it only on Netflix.

Star Trek

Star Trek , 2009

Actual Release Date : May 8, 2009

Directed By : J.J. Abrams

Cast : Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Simon Pegg, Zoe Saldana

Genre : Sci-fi, Action

Plot : This movie shows the state-of-the-art starship, the USS Enterprise, a newly assembled crew sets out on their inaugural expedition in the space. As they navigate through uncharted territories, their journey becomes entangled with Nero, a commanding Romulan officer driven by a vengeful agenda that puts humanity’s existence in jeopardy. Watch this movie to know what happens with Nero and what he is planning for.

if you love sci-fi movies then you will love it. It is added on Netflix in July 1 .

Rush Hour

Rush Hour, 1998

Actual Release Date : September 18, 1998

Directed By : Brett Ratner

Cast : Jackie Chan , Chris Tucker, Jingchu Zhang, ken Leung

Plot :The movie shows that, the daughter of a Chinese diplomat is abducted in Los Angeles (USA), the diplomat seeks the assistance of Detective Inspector Lee from Hong Kong(China), So he can collaborate with the FBI in solving the emergency case. However, the FBI shows reluctance towards involving Lee and instead hands him over to the LAPD. Detective James Carter, is assigned to oversee and partner with Lee.

With Action and Comedy for which Jackie Chan is know , this movie take us on a great ride of laughter and suprise. Watch it on Netflix, do not miss.

Kick Ass

Kick Ass, 2010

Actual Release Date : April 16, 2010

Directed By : Matthew Vaughn

Cast : Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Chloë Grace Moretz, Lyndsy Fonseca, Even Peters

Genre : Action, Comedy

Plot : In the movie, ordinary people, including a high school student and an 11-year-old girl, become superheroes to punish evil men. However, the flaw lies in the fact that the young girl becomes a superhero and kills several heavily armed gangsters without showing any emotional response. The violence in the movie is brutal so watch at your own level of tolerance. This Netflix movie is Good entertainment.

They Shall Not Grow Old

They shall not grow old

Actual Release Date : November 9 , 2018

Directed By : Peter Jackson

Cast : Thomas Adlam, William Argent, John Ashby

Genre : War, Documentry

Plot : This movie utilizes manipulated archival footage but, it is the oral testimonies of veterans, heard on the soundtrack, that drive its emotional impact. The film’s technical achievements are impressive, but the real power lies in the voices of the soldiers, bringing the war to life with profound authority. You have to see this movie surely to know the impact of wars on people and how it can affect generations. You will learn something from it. So watch it on Netflix

The Scorpion King

The Scorpion King

Actual Release Date : April 17, 2002

Directed By : Charles Russell

Cast : Kelly Hu, Steven Brand, Grant Heslov, Peter Facinelli

Genre : Action, Adventure

Plot : This action, adventure movie is based on a 5000 year old city named ‘ Gomorrah’ . This city has a great warrior by the title ‘ The scorpion King ‘ . In this barren desert, a malevolent leader harbors a relentless desire to obliterate every nomadic community in their path. Watch this movie to unpack great myster and suprise. If your like ancient, adventure movie then it is a must watch. If you have not seen this movie then go to Netflix and take a look.

The Bounty Hunter

The bounty hunter

Actual Release Date : March 19, 2010

Directed By : Andy Tennant

Cast : Gerard Butler, Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis, Christine Baranski,

Genre : Romance, Action

Plot : In a fortuitous twist of fate, Milo Boyd, a struggling bounty hunter, receives an unexpected call that promises to turn his misfortunes around. Tasked with capturing his bail-jumping ex-wife, Nicole, a prominent investigative journalist, Milo sees this as an opportunity for redemption.

However, as Milo embarks on the pursuit, he discovers a series of puzzling clues that point to a larger conspiracy involving a shocking murder case. Now, both former spouses must put aside their differences and work together to unravel the truth behind the web of deception, all while evading a relentless group of dangerous adversaries who will stop at nothing to keep their secrets buried.

With their lives on the line, Milo and Nicole find themselves on a high-stakes adventure, filled with unexpected twists and turns, where survival and justice intertwine in an electrifying race against time . This is also a good time pass movie available on Netflix.

The Karate kid

The Karate kid, 1984

Actual Release Date : June 22, 1984

Directed By : John G. Avildsen

Cast : William Zabka, Ralph Macchio, Pat Morita, Elisabeth Shue

Genre : Action, Drama

Plot : This action, drama movie shows us how a ordinary boy get insulated and beaten by other boys of his same age but he can do nothing as he he is very weak. In a fortunate incident he met a martial art teacher, who help him to learn martial art to defend himself. Watch this movie to find out what happen to home after learning martial art. Can he now defend himself ? and can take his revenge from those boys ? . Watch only on Netflix .

Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies, 2013

Actual Release Date : February 1, 2013

Directed By :Jonathan Levine

Cast : Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmar, John Malkovich, Dave Franco

Genre : Romance, Horror

Plot : In a zombie-infested world, R, an extraordinary zombie, saves Julie from an attack. Their unique bond triggers a heartwarming chain of events, as R embraces his humanity, inspiring other zombies to follow suit. Love and transformation intertwine in this exciting and comical tale. If you love zombies movie then you can watch this movie. Some people may like it other may not. It depends on personal taste. You can give a try on your Netflix account in July.

The sweetest Thing

The sweetest Thing, 2002

Actual Release Date : April 12, 2002

Directed By : Roger Kumble

Cast : Cameron Diaz, Christina Applegate, Selma Blair, Thomas Jane .

Genre : Romantic, Comedy

Plot : After years of avoiding commitment, Christina meets her perfect match, Peter, but he suddenly leaves town without any reason and response. She leaves with her friend Courtney, she sets out to capture the one that got away. Watch this movie to know why she do it ? What make her this to leave Peter without any reason. What will happen now. To know open Netflix and start watching.

The Smurfs 2

The Smurfs 2

Actual Release Date : July 32, 2013

Directed By : Raja Gosnell

Cast : Hank Azaria, Neil Patrick Harris, Katty Perry, Jayma Mays

Genre : Family, Adventure

Plot : “The Smurfs 2,” a delightful 2013 film, wove together live-action and computer animation to bring the magical world of Peyo’s iconic comic book series to life.

With its enchanting blend of fantasy and comedy, the movie charmed audiences, leaving a lasting impression of joy and wonder. Amidst their birthday preparations, the Smurfs delved into Smurfette’s extraordinary story. Crafted by the devious Gargamel to destroy them, she was saved by Papa Smurf, who transformed her into a true Smurf. A testament to love and resilience, this tale left an indelible mark on their hearts. This Netflix movie is good entertainment for kids .

The Huntsman : Winter’s War

The Huntsman: Winter's war

Actual Release Date : April 22, 2016

Directed By : Cedric Nicolas-Troyan

Cast : Charlize Theron, Chris Hemsworth, Jessica Chastain, Emily Blunt

Genre : Fantasy, Drama

Plot : In a kingdom of ethereal beauty, Queen Ravenna reigned supreme until her sister, Freya, suffered a devastating loss. Transformed by grief, Freya embraced her newfound power over ice as the Ice Queen. Driven by a thirst for justice, she embarked on a perilous quest to confront Ravenna and restore balance to their fractured realm. This is a tale of sibling rivalry, resilience, and the delicate dance between darkness and redemption.

The Story is based on character from a German tale, ” Snow White” and the “Snow Queen ” . This movie is the sequel of “Snow white and the Huntsman” . If you love fantasy drama then you can watch this movie with your friends and family .


Ray, 2004

Actual Release Date : October 29, 2004

Directed By : Taylor Hackford

Cast : Jamie Foxx, Regina king, Kerry Washington, Sharon Warren

Genre : Musical, Drama

Plot : Jamie Foxx delivers a remarkable portrayal of the iconic soul musician Ray Charles in this critically acclaimed biographical film, which earned him an Oscar for his outstanding performance.

The movie delves into the early life of Ray, where a tragic incident unfolds as he witnesses the drowning of his younger brother at the tender age of seven. Subsequently, at the age of nine, Ray faces another life-altering challenge as he loses his sight. However, his determined and hardworking mother, played by Sharon Warren, encourages him to remain resilient and not succumb to self-pity.As Ray grows up, he navigates the vibrant jazz scene of Seattle, steadily climbing the ladder of success. However, his journey is fraught with personal struggles, including battles with drug addiction and infidelity while constantly being on the road.

Throughout it all, his devoted wife, portrayed by Kerry Washington, stands by his side, providing unwavering support.Ray Charles emerges as a true musical pioneer, reshaping the landscape of soul music and leaving an indelible impact on an entire generation. This captivating biopic captures the essence of his extraordinary life, showcasing both his triumphs and tribulations while leaving an inspiring legacy for generations to come.

Conan The Barbarian

Conan the barbarian, Netflix

Actual Release Date : May 14, 1982

Directed By : John Milius

Cast : Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Earl Jones, Sandahi Bergman , Valérie Quennessen

Genre : Action, Adventure

Plot : In a world ravaged by the ruthless necromancer known as ‘Thulsa Doom’, a young boy named Conan loses everything when his village is destroyed. Forced into a life of slavery, Conan endures years of backbreaking labor pushing the dreaded “Wheel of Pain.” As he grows into a formidable warrior, Conan embarks on a perilous journey through the untamed lands of the Hyborian Age, driven by a burning desire for revenge against the man who murdered his family and stole his father’s cherished sword. Along his path, Conan forms an unlikely alliance with the skilled and captivating warrior Valeria and the skilled archer Subotai. Together, they confront a malevolent supernatural presence, their mettle and resilience tested as they strive to overcome overwhelming odds and bring justice to a world besieged by darkness.


Bridesmaids, Netflix

Actual Release Date : April 28, 2011

Directed By : Paul Feig

Cast : Melissa McCarthy, Rose Byrne, Kristen Wilg, Maya Rudolph

Genre : Comedy, Romance

Plot : Annie, a single woman facing personal challenges, reluctantly takes on the role of maid of honor when she discovers that her lifelong best friend, Lillian, is getting married. Despite her own struggles with love and finances, Annie navigates the unfamiliar and costly customs that come with her duty as the bride’s main support. With unwavering determination, she guides Lillian and the rest of the bridesmaids on an unconventional journey towards the perfect wedding.

Monster Trucks

Monster Trucks, Netflix

Actual Release Date : February 23, 2017

Directed By : Chris Wedge

Cast : Lucas Till, Jane Levy, Rob Lowe, Samara Weaving

Genre : Action , Adventure

Plot : In search of an escape from his mundane hometown, Tripp, a high school senior, embarks on an extraordinary project by constructing a monster truck from salvaged car parts.

However, fate takes an unexpected turn when an accident occurs at a nearby oil-drilling site, unearthing a peculiar and swift creature from beneath the ground. With a newfound companion that shares his passion for speed, Tripp realizes he may have stumbled upon the perfect opportunity to leave his town behind.

You can take a look at this movie as this have a quiet suprise for some viewers. So do not miss it only on Netflix.

The Squid and The Whale

The Squid and The Whale, Netflix

Actual Release Date : October 5, 2005

Directed By : Noah Baumbach

Cast : Jesse Eisenberg, Laura Linney, Owen Kline, Jeff Daniels

Genre : Comedy, Drama

Plot : In the bustling borough of Brooklyn, two brothers find themselves entangled in the emotional turmoil caused by the separation of their intellectual parents, Bernard and Joan Berkman. As their family disintegrates, the impact on the siblings is profound. Walt, the elder brother, aligns himself with his father and rebels against societal norms, creating havoc in his school life.

Meanwhile, Frank, the younger brother, quietly supports his mother, seeking solace in her presence. Amidst the growing discord at home, the tension escalates when Joan’s writing career takes flight, surpassing the unfulfilled aspirations of her ex-husband, a once-promising professor.

Watch this only on Netflix with your friends and family and comment down if you like it or not and why.

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